Island Collateral and Sales is a fully licensed firearms dealer. We are the only dealer within Victoria city limits that can buy, sell, trade, and loan on restricted and non-restricted firearms. From pistols, shotguns, and rifles, we have new and used items for sale. We can also provide firearms verification on all firearms as we have certified verifiers on staff and can come to your home by appointment.

Please note the pictures in the gallery are for illustrative purposes only. The inventory list and CATF ad are the most up to date list of our firearms.


Below are our updated inventory and gun ad.

Current Gun Inventory List

Current CATF Gun Ad





  • Added 2 pistols on the list
  • Added 2 rifles on the list
  • Removed 1 pistol off the list

UPDATED 04/13/2018

  • Removed 1 rifle off the list

UPDATED 04/10/2018

  • Added Spring/May CATF ad


Current Gun Inventory List

Current CATF Gun Ad