Like a Man

So at the end of a hot, humid busy day yesterday, this gentleman walked in up to the counter. He was a normal looking dude, nothing out of the ordinary. Mid to late 30’s, tall, casually dressed, spoke with a bit of an accent, maybe Eastern European. He asked about pawning a ring and said […]

Slick Schick

  So the other day this young hip gentleman came into the shop to try to sell something. This is nothing new, people come in all day long to sell us stuff. But this one was interesting. The item was not only strange but it did not fit the style of the person selling it. […]

Give Me My Necklace!

Okay, okay, I have been asked to bring back the blog so here I go. A couple of weeks ago a lady new client and her sidekick brought in a medium size TV and a silver neckace with a pendant. They were in a hurry and said they had a taxi waiting. We told them […]

greasy pawnbroker

Hey, so today my stolen property sniffing skills were not so honed. I pawned a dulcimer that a gentleman claimed he purchased the night before on Government Street from a busker. He said he got a good deal on it and he wanted to sell it for a profit. He wouldn’t say how much he got it for but he wanted $400. It looked old and worn a bit but it was very interesting and it had a case with it. I have not seen or pawned many dulcimers in my day but I said it was worth a $100 gamble. He asked if I would pawn it for the $100 so he could research it some more and then get it out later. I wrote up the loan for it and put it aside behind the counter.

information booth

I get asked for information all the time. People that live here ask me where to find this or that, where to shop for this or that, where to sell this or that, where to eat and drink, the list goes on and on. I also get asked directions from many out of towners. I […]

fistfull of dollars

So a couple of days ago, this young gentleman came into the store and marched up to the counter and said he had some old hundred dollar bills that he wanted me to take a look at. He raised his fist up and opened it up quickly, dropping the contents onto the counter. I looked […]

Try this!

Hey! Sorry for the delay. Today a gentleman client brought in a laptop to obtain a loan. It was very sweet. There are laptops, and then there are super sweet laptops. The thing was absolutely, obscenely huge with a whopping 18.4″ screen. A good percentage of the laptops we see are netbooks with a 10″ […]

free wi-fi

So I sold a client a netbook computer today for his friend. Great little machine with all the current specs and very portable. They were happy and away they went. He comes back in an hour and says he has trouble connecting to the internet. I show him were the available signals are listed and […]

you guys trade?

This afternoon a young gentleman came into our store with a guitar case in hand. He asked if we trade. Of course we do! We love trades. He has this beautiful LTD guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge and locking system and super low action. A great guitar for shredding and playing heavy metal. His […]

sturdy as she goes

Today I had to run a couple of errands and I found myself walking south on Douglas Street in front of the Shoppers Drug Mart. I saw this fellow carrying a heavy speaker box which appeared to be a sub woofer. We were coming towards each other with about a foot of space to spare […]