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Here at Audio Video Replay we pride ourselves on having a well organized store, with knowledgeable employees always ready to offer advice or answer questions. We have tens of thousands of movies, albums, and television shows, all priced to sell; and, thanks to our state of the art disc-resurfacing machines, we are able to fully guarantee every item we sell! We can even repair your damaged discs for a nominal fee! So if your favorite album is too scratched to play, or perhaps your cat knocked over your Xbox with your favorite game inside, just bring the disc in, and we’ll fix it right up in a matter of minutes!

We also buy and trade Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs, so if you have a movie that’s just no fun to watch anymore, or an album you’ve heard one too many times, bring it in and you can trade that old stuff in for something new and exciting, or even trade us for cold hard currency, if that’s what you’re into. We also have one of the largest selections of movies for rent in Victoria, with over 10,000 titles regularly available, as well as several hundred television series. In addition to our ever expanding DVD rentals, we have a smaller, but no less diverse, selection of Blu-Ray movies and a very impressive selection of 3D Blu-Ray titles; just like our sale merchandise, our rentals are also priced quite affordably!

The Princess commands you to visit Audio Video Replay and experience the magic for yourself!