Christmas Sales!

We get asked all the time if we ever have sales such as Black Friday, Memorial Day, Canada Day, et cetera. We reply with, “We have sales everyday!” Shoppers have been know to wrangle a deal or two by exercising their negotiating skills in here at any day of the year. However, we do offer a few deals for those who do not ask for them at this costly time of year. We haveĀ  a window FULL of various gift ideas that are ALL UNDER $100. Items such as a long board, a model car, a child’s drum set, an electric guitar and amp package, a model RC airplane, an e-reader, a retro video game system, headphones, small percussion instruments, tab computers, and so on. We also have over 200 pieces of jewellery that are ALL UNDER $100. If you have someone to shop for who is hard to please, you might just find something you never though of in here. Lots of gift ideas to be found!

Happy Holidays from all the crew at Island Collateral & Sales

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