Test Drive to Nowhere

So today this father and son came in to our shop. I have seen them come in at least a dozen times over the past three years and have talked to them a few times. The son enjoys playing bass. Sometimes he sits down and plays for 20-30 minutes while his dad runs errands downtown. Kind of like free babysitting. Usually we don’t mind this type of situation if they are polite and don’t create unwanted noise. Also, the son usually tries out the lower priced basses around $100 to $200. Today was different.

After banging away on the bass for half an hour the son was finished with that one. He asked one of our clerks to see the $15,000 rare vintage bass. My clerk said, “No, sorry. But unless you are interested in buying a $15,000 bass today, it’s not happening.”

Immediately, the father called my clerk a “MORON.”

Words were exchanged and then as they were leaving, the father said to me that I need to talk to my employee. I told him that I did not. I said that I have seen these two come in for a few years now and try out countless basses that they never plan to buy. He said that we need to work on our customer service. I said that they were NOT customers. He asked me if they were bothering anyone and I said yes, they were bothering all of us.

He then said, “I am going to let everyone know about this on the internet and you and I will MEET, out there, (points outside) some day.”

I asked him if he was threatening me and if he was 12 years old or in high school or something. They left.

Wow. Sorry we didn’t let your child play with a very expensive and highly collectable instrument worth fifteen thousand dollars just on a whim. I guess my customer service level is so low it deserves being called names and threatened to a fight out in the playground.

Some people need to get over themselves and have some respect for other people’s property.

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