Twenty-six for 26

Today a gentleman came in with a bundle of older, very worn paper money bills. Some ones and twos mostly from the United States. They all had writing on them with personal notes and such. He wanted to trade the twenty-six dollar value for twenty-six dollars cash. We told him we were not a bank. Under closer scrutiny, they looked strangely familiar. He then told me that they were from a renovated wall in Big Bad John’s Pub. I am not sure about what went down with the reno but wouldn’t they just go up on a different wall in the colourful pub? Or, wouldn’t they be the property of the owner of the pub? We said we were not interested in them and he said he was going to take them to a currency exchange place. Because of the condition of the bills, all aged and brown and full of felt pen and ink writing, I said, “Good luck with that!”

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