Old School Lesson in Haggling

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just had a very pleasant lady customer come in and browse for a birthday present for her husband turning 83 tomorrow. She found a piece of jewellery¬† that is pretty special to him. I don’t want to give away what the item is because it will most likely be a surprise at dinner tomorrow but she mentioned he had one once before that was given to him as a gift from a family member and he lost it. Anyway, the point to this post is her technique in haggling. She looked at the $289.95 price tag and asked if that was the best price I could do on that piece. So it begins. I counter with, “I can pay the tax for her this holiday weekend and make it $289.95 including the tax.” She then opened her purse on the counter, found her wallet, and proceeded to pull out cash. She said, “Let’s see what I’ve got…” She found a hundred dollar bill, three twenties, then she looked in another place in her bag and found another hundred. So she had $260 sitting on the counter and said that that was all she had on her. Well, let me tell you that one in the hand is definitely better than two in the bush! Cash on the counter for an offer is the most appealing thing to a haggling pawnbroker. I smiled and thanked her for her very fair offer and rang up the sale. So before taxes, she paid $232.15 – a 20% discount! That is the way you do it as a customer in this biz!

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