Hell No, We Won’t Go!

It all started one week ago. A client of ours came in Thursday, April 27th, 2017 to redeem his laptop which was in pawn. He originally pawned it April 21, 2017. It was the first time this item had been in our shop and he purchased it somewhere else. We inspected the laptop and tested […]

Christmas Sales!

We get asked all the time if we ever have sales such as Black Friday, Memorial Day, Canada Day, et cetera. We reply with, “We have sales everyday!” Shoppers have been know to wrangle a deal or two by exercising their negotiating skills in here at any day of the year. However, we do offer […]

Test Drive to Nowhere

So today this father and son came in to our shop. I have seen them come in at least a dozen times over the past three years and have talked to them a few times. The son enjoys playing bass. Sometimes he sits down and plays for 20-30 minutes while his dad runs errands downtown. […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Thursday and Happy New Years!!! SALE!!!!

Starting Friday, November and for the whole month of December we are having a SALE in the pawnshop and the video store: 25% OFF ALL USED ITEMS IN STOCK~! Happy Holidays!

Twenty-six for 26

Today a gentleman came in with a bundle of older, very worn paper money bills. Some ones and twos mostly from the United States. They all had writing on them with personal notes and such. He wanted to trade the twenty-six dollar value for twenty-six dollars cash. We told him we were not a bank. […]

Old School Lesson in Haggling

Happy Thanksgiving! I just had a very pleasant lady customer come in and browse for a birthday present for her husband turning 83 tomorrow. She found a piece of jewellery¬† that is pretty special to him. I don’t want to give away what the item is because it will most likely be a surprise at […]

North Eastern Arms is here!!

Island Collateral & Sales is now the only official representative of North Eastern Arms (NEA) in Victoria, BC. NEA is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality AR style rifles and we have a variety of their flagship NEA-15 models in stock. Receiver groups feature integrated, enlarged trigger guards, flared magazine wells and are machined from […]

home, home on the range kit

We just got in new Smith and Wesson M&P Range Kits in 9mm and .40 calibre. They come with 2 magazines, holster, ez-loader, grips, lock and a case. At only $675 we are the lowest price in town!! Want something a little less expensive? How about a Russian Tokarev TT33 in 7.62×25 with a holster […]

Guns! Guns! When do we get guns?!

Island Collateral is proud to announce that we are now accepting firearms for pawn and sale. You must have a valid PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) to pawn, sell, trade, or purchase firearms with us. If you wish to bring down a non-restricted firearm (long gun) then it must be unloaded and you must have […]

Grand Theft Auto

Well we had a bet among the staff on how long it would take before we got a copy of the latest edition of the Grand Theft Auto franchise in for sale. It took nearly three weeks. Today our first used, sorry, recycled copy of GTA V is going out for sale for the XBOX […]